Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bestfriends?? Really...You Sure?!

You claim to hate me, say to not talk to you anymore...But you still wear that shiny bracelet I bought you and carry that old bag, I called yours when no one else knew what it meant.. You hate me? Do you really? Or is this a front you're putting up so you seem strong?...Truth is, I miss you terribly and I cannot take back what I did, but I can say, I'm sorry!! Don't say you hate me if you don't. Don't stop talking to me, just to get stronger. And never leave me, even if I asked you to... Never let go..! I'll never let go.. I never have let go, that was you remember..? I don't want to play these childish games with you anymore..Its just breaking me! When you say Forever&Always now...It just seems like a dream, lie, curse, and heartbreak...Best friends are supposed to stick through thick&thin...Does this seem like that? I really don't see it if it is supposed to be..We get to a fork in the road to where you want something, but to get that something, you have to let go of what makes you, you. But when you do that...Then who are you if you have let everything go...? Definitely not yourself... Choose wisely when it comes to friendships! "...Strangers can become friends...Friends become BEST friends...But in that same thought.. Best friends...can become, Strangers...!"

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