Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bestfriends?? Really...You Sure?!

You claim to hate me, say to not talk to you anymore...But you still wear that shiny bracelet I bought you and carry that old bag, I called yours when no one else knew what it meant.. You hate me? Do you really? Or is this a front you're putting up so you seem strong?...Truth is, I miss you terribly and I cannot take back what I did, but I can say, I'm sorry!! Don't say you hate me if you don't. Don't stop talking to me, just to get stronger. And never leave me, even if I asked you to... Never let go..! I'll never let go.. I never have let go, that was you remember..? I don't want to play these childish games with you anymore..Its just breaking me! When you say Forever&Always now...It just seems like a dream, lie, curse, and heartbreak...Best friends are supposed to stick through thick&thin...Does this seem like that? I really don't see it if it is supposed to be..We get to a fork in the road to where you want something, but to get that something, you have to let go of what makes you, you. But when you do that...Then who are you if you have let everything go...? Definitely not yourself... Choose wisely when it comes to friendships! "...Strangers can become friends...Friends become BEST friends...But in that same thought.. Best friends...can become, Strangers...!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Things You Think About On A Daily Basis!

1. Am I good enough?
2. Does my life mean something?
3. Is my bestfriend going to talk to me no matter what?
4. Will I make a difference to someone?
5. Why?

Saturday, August 21, 2010


The way life seems to get to peoples inner soul is blank, you may cry a million tears, but when will the last tear fall? By the tip of a glass, your life could change forever! Are you ready to uphold the weight of the world? There are many things that go on in life, but we cannot let the things that hurt the most bring the worst out into the fellowship of good company. Life can change in the blink of an eye, but there is only one question to ask, Will your life be worth someone else watching?!

Will I Ever Be Enough?

Will I ever be good enough, in the eyes of others? Or will I just be another outcast in a sea of people? The world plays tricks on your brain, once things get going so great and you feel like nothing could possibly get in the way of it, it falls and burns..Turns into ash and tears..Burning in your heart like a raging wildfire, but you act like your perfectly fine on the outside, when you feel like dying on the inside! The answer is yours, will I ever be enough?!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Words..

The words that you may never say to someone may be the last chance to get their attention before everything fades to a dark gray...Will your last words make a difference to the world? Lets jump and see if what your life was is worth living. Your life needs to be something you cherish, not something you regret and wish you could change. Life that you regret is not a life, it is a space of memory marked as hate, disgust, and maybe even fear! You never know what the outcome will be until you say it out loud; to the person that means the world to you. Never regret, don't live your life in fear, always keep your head up high, because one day that will be over and when you look back, you may not want to say the things unspoken...Say what you feel, don't fear the outcome! :)